ich bin müde…

so entsetzlich müde. aber für eine verlinkung reicht es….diplix über den „verlauf der weltgeschichte„.

my guess is, what trump is trying to achive is not about a safer country, saving american lives or safety at all, it’s about blame. putting the blame to others, blaming people that look different, have the “wrong” faith or skin color. it’s about dividing the country and the people into “us” and “them” stirring up hate, creating chaos. it’s about eliminating the process of finding a reasonable middle ground, which i believe is the heart of democracy. democracy is not so much about the will or rule of the people (which might quickly lead to mob mentality), it’s about balance; balance of power, balance of interests and rule of law, justice and reason. trump is working hard to make all of that disapear, while giving you the illusion of safety.


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